About us

The South African Immunology Society (SAIS) is affiliated with the International Union of Immunological Societies and the Federation of African Immunological Societies.

The goal of the SAIS is to grow basic, applied and translational immunology research nationally, regionally and with international partners. The SAIS connects researchers and clinicians working in infectious diseases, primary immunodeficiency, allergy, rheumatology, transplantation, reproductive immunology, and veterinary medicine.

Strengths of the society include membership of internationally acclaimed researchers in HIV and Tuberculosis immunology.

The SAIS hosts regular meetings, congresses and webinars with the aim of fostering synergies and maximizing dialogue to ultimately increase the impact of immunological research for health. The SAIS supports its members through newsletters and active social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

NPO Number 280-971


Immunology in action, that makes a visible difference


Active partnership and collaboration with scientists, clinicians and patients to grow the discipline of immunology in South Africa by promoting excellence, growing expertise, and stimulating knowledge through teaching, to impact on patient diagnosis, treatment and care: Connect, educate and empower!