A collaboration between the International Union of Immunology Societies’ (IUIS) Education Committee, IUIS Veterinary Immunology Committee (IUIS-VIC), Federation of African Immunology Societies (FAIS) and South African Immunology Society (SAIS) brings you a comprehensive comparative immunology course with a focus on zoonotic infections within a One Health approach. The intricate mechanism of immune responses to bacterial, viral and parasitic pathogens will be delved into. The main learning objective of the course is to create awareness of inter-connectiveness between human, animal, and environmental health and the impact on zoonotic disease control and prevention to address the complexities of today’s global health landscape. The course consists of 8 weeks of self-study of pre-course material followed by 1-week interactive in-person engagement.


The course is open to 50 graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and early career academics with an interest in or working on zoonotic diseases. Applicants will be requested to provide a letter of motivation, a short CV, a letter of support from their supervisor, and an abstract to be presented as a poster. Selected students will receive partial or full funding for accommodation, meals and travel. Applicants are encouraged to apply for other sources of funding as the budget is limited. All selected participants must complete an online pre-course on Immunopaedia.org.za starting the week of 5 August 2024. Applicants accepted to the course will be notified by 22 July 2024Applications are now open and close on 24 June 2024.


The main topics of this course include:

  • Introduction to Zoonotic Infections and One Health
  • Immune Response to Bacterial Zoonotic Infections
  • Immune Response to Viral Zoonotic Infections
  • Immune Response to Parasitic Zoonotic Infections
  • One Health Approach in Zoonotic Disease Research


  • IUIS Education Committee: Clive Gray, Dieter Kabelitz, Oliver Boyer, Roslyn Kemp
  • IUIS-VIC: Alejandra V. Capozzo, Claire Rogel-Gaillar, Yolandy Lemmer


  • University of Pretoria: Theresa Rossouw, Sven Parson, Ivy Tshilwane, Chris Marufu


  • Renowned scientists, both local and international, will be teaching this course


  • Grant writing
  • Poster sessions



With sponsorship from IUIS and SAMRC