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PhD and Postdoctoral Positions in leishmaniasis and tuberculosis

University of Cape Town


PhD and postdoctoral positions are available based in the Division of Immunology to support the program on ‘Immunology of Infectious Diseases in Africa’ under the supervision of Prof. Frank Brombacher and Dr. Reto Guler. Our group performs genome-wide transcriptomics on RNA transcripts to identify host drug targets against tuberculosis and leishmaniasis. Our goal is to identify host proteins, non-coding RNA (lncRNA, microRNA) and pathways that are subverted by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Leishmania major to increase its persistence and survival. We aim to validate identified drug targets genes in macrophages and experimental mouse models by gain and loss of function studies. In collaborative studies we further aim to develop an inhalation drug delivery system against tuberculosis. Applicants should be highly motivated, self-driven and have a strong background in either tuberculosis or leishmaniasis immunology with skills in molecular biology, mouse models and standard immunological techniques. Funding will be provided by the SARCHi/ICGEB program and the DST/NRF collaborative postgraduate training programme for two years.


If interested, please send your CV and motivation letter by email to Dr. Reto Guler . (